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Structured-Wiring-01With home technology constantly on the move how does the consumer make the right choice when building a home? There are many things to consider when building a home, for most consumers the last thing on their mind is what type of technology will the home support. This is huge issue that the consumer needs to be educated on. People don’t realize their limitations of the cabling installed in their home until it is time to use it. At this point it is too late, the home is complete and the damage is done. The damage I am referring to is the damage to the consumers’ pocket. Installing wiring to the home after it is complete is three to five times more expensive then it would have cost to install it during construction, if it is even possible to get to the desired locations at all.

What is structured wiring?

Structured wiring is a centrally located box to which all the communications cabling runs. It contains the modules for the different services supplied to the home (phone, internet, satellite etc.). Each room has at least one bundle containing two RG6 coax cable and two category 5e or 6 cables. This method ensures two-way communications throughout the entire home, making it possible to assign any location to what ever the homeowner desires. Whether it be a telephone or data connection, a cable, satellite or antenna connection, it is as easy as plugging it in with structured wiring.

Why do I need structured wiring?

Think of it like this, the cabling throughout your home is a pipeline of information connecting every room to each other and to the outside world. In comparison, standard wiring has the data capacity of a squirt gun while structured wiring would be more like a fire hose. Structured wiring has the ability to transmit more data faster. Before answering this question consider some of the items that you may want in your home like televisions, telephones, audio/video equipment, computers, modem/internet access, fax machine, cable access, home theater, satellite dish, security system, home automation and lighting control to name a few. All of which can be linked together creating the connected home but only if it contains structured wiring.

Structured wiring also adds value to the home.

Any home built today without structured wiring will not support the technology of the future. Therefore, they will not retain as much value as those built with structured wiring. With the rapid growth of new technologies, the changing working environment, home education and entertainment opportunities, installing structured wiring will increase the resale value of any home. Future homebuyers may not even consider homes that don’t contain structured wiring.

Structured wiring is not to be taken lightly..

Structured Wiring 02Only a certified low voltage installer should install structured wiring. Most people don’t realize that pulling low voltage signal cable require completely different methods than other trades. Did you know that an improperly installed data cable would greatly reduce its rated specifications? Electrical wiring for example, can withstand being bent and pulled on relatively hard while signal cabling must be installed delicately, making sure it is not stressed in any way. Structured wiring must be properly installed in order to completely benefit from all of its potential. Make sure the company installing your structured wiring has the correct knowledge and certifications.

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