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One of the most enjoyable amenities for your home is a whole house music system. A centralized equipment location, hidden out of sight that can distribute music to multiple speakers located in every room of your home and even outside. Whole house audio eliminates the need for many separate stereos and offers a convenient way to manage your growing library of music. A simple press of a button or turn of a knob, you can hear music from itunes, CDs, satellite or cable music stations, or any other music source, just as if you were standing in front of the equipment itself.

Along with being simple and convenient to use, a whole-house music system can make any occasion more enjoyable. For example, during a party with friends, the system could play a compilation of personally selected tunes. When your guests leave, it could switch over to classical music. Just think, even cleaning and cooking seem more enjoyable when accompanied by music.

Another appealing fact is that you can control and access several different music sources and play them simultaneously in different rooms at the same time without sacrificing audio quality. While you relax to some jazz in the family room, your kids can play their favorite rock station in the bonus room or someone can listen to some classical while preparing dinner.

It’s hard to decide on all the areas where you might want to listen to music, especially if your home has not yet been built. You might feel uncertain about whether to include music in your guest bedrooms, unfinished basement and bath rooms, but at the very least, you should install the wire to those areas. This way, even if you don’t install speakers there for several years, the wire will be there when you’re ready. You can easily add a pair of speakers and a volume control in the future if the wire is already behind the walls.

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